DEVNET’s Stacy Zalisk Joins Special Projects


DEVNET is happy to congratulate programmer Stacy Zalisk on her promotion to Software Developer on the Special Projects team. Stacy joined DEVNET in June 2017 as a programmer.


“Stacy has impressed me repeatedly throughout her time here at DEVNET with her grasp of some of the more complicated concepts at the company, including CAMA and partial payment penalty calculation in Missouri,” said Michael Sager, DEVNET Vice President of Product Support. “She was one of the primary programmers on the E-File system for Personal Property that is being used in several counties in multiple states.”


“I joined DEVNET right after graduating college and was immediately impressed by the dedication, skill, and kindness of the people in the company,” Zalisk noted. “DEVNET has given me multiple opportunities to expand my knowledge of software development, and I have grown significantly as a developer and as a person because of the incredible people here. I am honored to have been chosen for this position and look forward to the new opportunities and challenges that come with it.”